Minggu, 16 April 2017

April 8th 2017

Hi everyone! In this chance I will share my experience to you when April 8th 2017. At that time, my school held some events, named Dewa Athena and Paman Gober. Dewa Athena is one of OSIS work program which contain about some sport competition between 32019 and 32018 while Paman Gober is planting a plant and riding bikes together which conducted by all of wargatiga. But at that day, I can’t participate the events because I will attend a family event in other cityL. So, in this time I will share some activities that I did at that time.

My family events were held in my cousin’s home at Purwakarta. This event started at 8 a.m so I must woke up at shubuh. After I woke up, I prayed shubuh and gotten ready. Me and my family went to my cousin’s house  at 7 because the distance of my cousin’s house was not too  far. This event was successful. At 12 p.m.  my family said goodbye to my cousin’s family because my dad and my mom must to go to Makassar for picking up my grandma but before we went home, we prayed dzuhur. At my home, my mom and my dad prepared some needed items on trip while I got relax at  the sofa and checked the social media.

After while, I got a message from my friend, Dela.
“Hai Its! My mom invites you to join us to Karawang!”

After I got that message I felt so shocked and happy. After that I asked my mom and my mom allowed me to go to Karawang with dela. After I got permission from my mom, I directly got ready and went to Dela’s house first.

After I arrived at Dela’s house, me and her family went to Karawang. On the road, me and Dela shared some experience in Senior High School. The trip was too short because we had very fun chatting so we arrived quickly in our destination places.

The first place was Steak 21 which is one of famous restaurant in Indonesia. The restaurant concept is very unique with a plane concept. After we arrived in this restaurant, we reserved a food then took a seat and we took some photo for instagram needs. After that, we went home.

When we were in our back home, Dela’s mom persuaded us to go to a newest mall in Karawang, named Resinda Park Mall. After we arrived at that mall, me and Dela decided to have own walk from her mom. So, we went to a accessories store, named Cindy. In there Dela bought some gift for her friends while me just took a look. After that, we went to timezone and took some photos in photobox. After that we prayed ashar and we decided to back to Purwakarta.

That was very fun trip

 source : instagram.com/itsnanihanifah

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