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Hello! I'm Itsnani and i'm still here haha. Now i'm going to share my experiences becomes one of event committees in my school, the name is Megantara Culture Festival. Before telling my experience, i want to explain about the meaning of Megantara, Megantara is taken from Sanskrit word, derived from "Mega" and "Gatari", it means the archipelago is magnificent light. I think it's clear enough to explain about meaning of Megantara right? Okay, lets continue my experience being one of Megantara's committees. Let's check this out!

The election for Megantara committees began when extracurricular demo after PLiST (one activity in SMA 3 Bandung for student orientation). At that time, when OSIS (intra school student organization) ends their explanation about the structure and their work projects, we as participants must close our eyes and the OSIS chairman is asked who will be the next OSIS member? After that i raised my hand and when i opened my eyes, i was surprised that in my hand there are bracelet named "Warga Tiga". Then the chairman announced that anyone who gets the bracelet will be accepted as one of committees in Megantara event. I was very shocked and very happy because i became one of them with no audition hehe.

Shortly, after the extracurricular demo, there is announcement that anyone who gets bracelet were ordered to gather in front of chemistry lab to collect one by one of database committee. I came to there with my classmate who gets bracelet too. When i came there, i saw there are a lot of students making a line to write their database. I came to the line and when i was in front of database desks, i am confused to choose between decoration committee or consumption committee. But in the end, i choose decoration committee.

After i was finished filling my database, i was ordered to gather in rooftop to do "gawe" (gawe is a kind of activity in decoration committee, that is making decoration for the event). When i arrived in rooftop, we did not immediately made "gawe", but had to introduce ourselves first. After the introductions ends, we did "gawe". The time was shown at 5 pm and we had to end "gawe" today. Activities by activities in decoration committee i did with pleasure and responsibility. And that "gawe" activities is still doing until Megantara event begins at September 10th 2016.

I think that's all my experiences being one of Megantara committees, and i'm sorry for incorrect words. If you want to share your thought about my experiences, you can send me an email to itsnanihanifah@gmail.com . I am waiting for an email from you. Thanks for reading :)

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