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World Tournament x Techno Festival

Hey yo blogger! Meet again with me, Itsnani. How are you today? I hope you always fine and happy. This time, I will tell you about my experience about me following one of school event named WTTF. Surely, you wonder what WTTF is, right? Or not? Ah, I think it's not important. If you don't know what WTTF is, keep calm ya because I will tell you what WTTF is. WTTF is World Tournament x Techno Festival. WTTF is one of SMA 3 Bandung's OSIS work program who decided to 32018 and 32019. The Function of WTTF is to strengthen the intimacy between 32018 and 32019. WTTF is held on Saturday, August 20th 2016 at Bali Field. I think that's enough about what WTTF is. Now, I will explain my experience follows that event. Check this out!


One day before WTTF, I just realized that I didn't prepare anything! I feel so panicked because I scared that I can't join the event. After I back from school, I go to one of clothes shop for buy a shirt that had been planned, dark blue shirt. In addition to buy that shirt, I go to tailor to embroider my sport pants according the school criteria. After buying all the equipment, I go back to the dorm for take a rest.


Before I go to Bali Field, I prepare all the equipment for the event, like packed meal, equipment prayers, and the clothes worn. After I prepare all the equipment, I have a breakfast. After everything is ready, I go to Bali Field by public transportation. Soon after that, I arrive in Bali's Field. Bali Field already filled with student who will follow the event and the committee that will guide the participants in the event. After I get together with my classmates, the event is started. The event is started with a speech from president OSIS. After the speech, the event was officially opened. After opening the event, all of student who follow the event get together with the committee. For your information, in this event 32019 will compete on agility, speed, etc. with 32018. After all the classes got conselors, all classes get a map which contain the path that must be passed during the event. Besides a map, we are given two pieces of ammunition to be thrown to the oncoming aliens. After being given the additional equipment, we began our journey. During the trip, we were delighted because beside accomplish our mission while exercising and can also chat with the tutors. Oh, I forgot to tell you that during the event all of participants and committee must to use English Language, either when it is telling clue or while chatting. The first place we go is Bali Field. In Bali Field, we were all given a challenge that quiz to guess the names of technological tools. It turns out in this quiz was won by 32018.At the first, actually my class felt disappointed, but finally we accepted gracefully. Afterwards, we continue our journey to the places specified until finally it was dzuhur time. At the dzuhur time, we stopped our activity and back to school for take a rest, pray, and have a lunch. After resting, we continued our journey to places that have not been addressed. The place for the sake of our place searched and imperceptibly all areas have successfully traced and it was a sign WTTF activities coming to an end. We then return to the Bali Field to attend the closing ceremony. The event was closed by collecting puzzle was distributed by the committee. Puzzle put together by each force. Turns 32019 successfully completed puzzle faster than 32018. After completing the puzzles, the event continued with the announcement of prices for the winners. And voila! My class is the winner of this game! And we get highest score among 32019. Our classes are so happy when the prizes are given by committee. After giving some prizes, WTTF event officially closed. The participants and the committee allowed go home. Although I feel tired after this event but it is replaced with joy and proud of being able to win one of the awards at the event.

 I think that's all I express my experience, I'm sorry if there are words that are less/incorrect. If you want to share your thoughts to me, you can send an email to itsnanihanifah@gmail.com . I am waiting for an email from you! Thanks for reading my blog before:).

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