Senin, 26 September 2016

My Unforgettable Moment

Halo! I'm comeback again!

Now, I will tell you about my unforgettable moment.
My Unforgettable moment is when I was in junior high school. At that time, I spend my time in one day with all my friends.

Here's my story....

 At May 16th after national examination, me and my friends planned to go to somewhere that fun. And finally, we decided to go to one of my friends house, named Gilang. Why we choosed there? Because if we go there, we must not pay anything and we can get free food, yeay! haha. In Gilang's house we played Uno card together and the loser will get a powder haha. You know, in that time I always be a winner and I feel so happy because all of my friends bought me an ice cream. Besides play Uno together, we watch some films together too and we called it "Movie Marathon with Zquad". We watch films with horror genre. We watch Insidious 3, Death Note, and Dead Walker. If in the films there is a ghost we scream together haha it so much fun that I can't forget it. After we tired to watch films, we decided to shared our story in class 9. In that moment, one of my friends realized that in a moment we will be separated. In that time, I feel so sad because I will continue my study in Bandung. To be honest, in that time I cried and all of my friend hug me tight. I want to stopped time in that moment!!!.
After we did all of activities, we didn't forget to take a photos for our album. We  posed an "odd" posed that I didn't know what a mean it. hahaha. And you know my gallery is full with their photos:( but no problem it's for memories when I missed them.
And not felt the day is started night. I decided to go home because my mom already called me to go home. I went home by motorcycle with my friends, named Zamil. I went home with him because he said "Girl is not good to go home alone in night". Okay, I think that's good idea, because honestly I little bit afraid to go home alone at that time. On the way to my house, Zamil asked me why I choose SMA 3 Bandung to continued the study?. I answered because I want to go to good university "easily". And he just said "ohh" and he prayed for my success.
And finally we arrived in my house. After my mom opened the gate, my mom asked zamil to drop in my house to drink a cup of tea, but Zamil declined it because the day is too night and his mom already called him to go home. "Oh, Okay" my mom answered. After that, Zamil asked for leave to me and my mom. And my mom and I walked in to the house.

Okay, maybe that's enough about My Unforgettable moment. You know I really really want to go back to that day:( but in the fact I can't:( . And I'm sorry if there any odd sentences in my story hehe. See You in my next post:)

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